Brunch at Marie Louise Bistro


I can’t think of a better way to start a Sunday than with brunch. Yesterday morning my husband and I ventured into the Mt. Vernon district of Baltimore City. Our main purpose was to go to The Walters Art Museum to see the prayer book of Saint Francis of Assisi, but couldn’t be in the neighborhood without stopping in one of our favorite restaurants.

Marie Louise Bistro has been in operation for ten or so years now. I discovered it one day as I was searching for a place to have lunch while on break from jury duty. I returned many a morning to have a cafe au lait at one of the sweet little bistro tables that sit out front went the weather is nice.

My daughter is also a fan of the bistro and chose Marie Louise as the restaurant where she wanted to celebrate her 16th birthday. It was quite a dinner! We arrived in a limousine and the host greeted us outside. The food and service was amazing and the entire staff sang Happy Birthday to her.

0308201303aYesterday’s brunch was much more laid back. We came without a reservation, but that wasn’t a problem. The back of the bistro was full, but we were given my favorite table near the window in front. I ordered a cocktail [I wasn’t driving] and we chose the steamed mussels in white wine for our appetizer.   My drink arrived first. It was called a  Twinkle Pink and was a mix of gin and grapefruit juice served in a chilled glass. It was definitely a good start. 0308201303

For the main course I enjoyed Salad Nicoise. It was a large portion filled with fresh greens, hard boiled eggs, grilled Ahi tuna, saffron potatoes, green beans and, of course, Nicoise olives all dressed in a French vinaigrette. 0308201331

Though there were many customers, it was a quiet and relaxed atmosphere with friendly and timely service. If you’ve not yet visited this charming bistro, please make plans to do so in the near future. Marie Louise Bistro is open seven days a week and is located at 904 N. Charles St. you can also find them on Facebook and at

I’d love to hear about your favorite restaurants and please give me some recommendations of places to visit.